Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy mail ideas and inspiration

I have been really into happy mail lately. There is just something about going old school and sending stuff in the mail that really gets me excited. 

If You haven't heard of happy mail It's where you send a letter to your friend or pen pal and include lots of little trinkets or extra fun stuff inside. I have also heard it called snail mail, and pocket letters(More on these in a future post).

I wanted to share some really cool links with you today so you can get ideas and inspiration to send your own happy mail.

Here is one from "Staticmail" on Instagram. I really like the idea of making a super cool envelope to send your letter in. To Follow "Staticmail" Click Here !

Here is a link on How to make your own really cool envelopes From "For the Love of letters" On Tumblr Click Here!
Here is a awesome accordian letter from "Lost Art Revived" Click Here to check out the blog post

Here is a blog post full of ideas for what goodies to put in your happy mail from "Little Girl Designs" Click here to see the full post

Here are 16 really cool ways to address an envelope by "The Realistic Mama" Click here to go to her blog
Here is a super neat idea, writing out your letter on a puzzle and sending it. Find out how "the.Mallory.Gallery" does it here

I found this gem, Things to send in your pen pal letter. Go here to "Stellaire" to find out more

That's all folks! But I cant leave you without posting a picture of my sleepy Kitty! 

Thanks for reading have a great day!

I almost forgot, If you need ideas for some really cute stuff I have friendship kits in my shop that are full of pen pal goodies. Check them out HERE!

Monday, June 20, 2016

4 days until the Party #Pinitpartytime

SO The Party is all set up and I can't wait to start! I have everything ready, and you know the best part? I will be able to get to know all of you!

I love meeting new people in person and online, and I'm happy your here reading my blog. 
Now down to the Nitty Gritty!
The party starts in four days. I already have the board set up and ready. For those of you reading this you will get access to the board now so that you can see what I have been up to. 

Remember to follow me so that you can message me your email so I can add you to the board! You wont be able to pin unless I add you, so get those emails to me so I can start adding all of my new friends!

There is a link I added to the right, If you sign up I will send you updates about when the next party is.(no spam, I promise)

The rules to the games will be in the description of each games pin. There will be these 3 super fun games that will run throughout the whole week. 

I don't know if I need to say this or not, but you don't have to stay glued to your computer for the whole week without eating or sleeping, Please don't do that!
A virtual party means you can come and go as you please. Check in a couple times a day or more to play the games, pin. On a quick note please read and follow the rules of the games. They are in place so that everyone benefits from them and gets more exposure. Play fair my lovelies!

The Party theme is anything goes, which means you can pin anything you want as long as it is 
I think that's it for now my friends. Please subscribe to my blog for updates, and new blog posts! Thanks and have a wonderful Day! 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Coming Soon! Virtual Pinterest Party, #Pinitpartytime

Hello My Lovely Friend! I had a Super Cool, Amazing, Epic Idea!

   A Virtual Pinterest Party! I have searched for pins about it on Pinterest and found, Nothing, Zip, Zilch, Zero!

   So I'm starting one! I will be hosting a Virtual Pinterest Party very soon! I am Planning, and creating, and Adding and, doing research, and I have found that hosting virtual parties is fun, rewarding, and also a lot of work! Hahaha. 

   I got my inspiration from Ideas for a Facebook Party. If you don't know what a Facebook party is Click Here to Find out more information! I hosted a Facebook Party before, with the research I did on Pinterest about Facebook Parties and it was a lot of fun. Click Here to see my Facebook Party Idea Board!  I have had to start from scratch with planning this Pinterest Party because there wasn't any info available, See why I called it a Epic Idea!

   My goals For The Pinterest Party!
*Get my and others brand seen
*Get more social media exposure for me and others
*Get my and others blogs/Websites/Shops seen and shared 
*Get more overall exposure for me and my Party Guests 
*Get mine and others websites/blogs/shops more visitors, thus increasing Good SEO (Click here to find out what SEO is)
* Get more sales/followers for me and my party guests
* To create a community for everyone to share information, and ask questions
* To get the Hashtag #Pinitpartytime Known and used . Whats a Hashtag? Click Here for info!
* To create something amazing, and fun for me and others business/blog owners.

So Now that you know my Amazing Idea, you want more info right?
   Well Patience, My lovely! I am still working out the details but If you want to go ahead and Join, Click Here to go to my event page! So far I have some rules thought out. A Prize list, games to play and a point system to win the prizes. Here is a sneak peak at the prize list!

So it's back to work for me my pretties. I am super excited I can Hardly wait. RSVP Or Join on The Event page Click Here!  

P.S. I'm creating the hashtag #Pinitpartytime. Just add it to your blog, instagram, Twitter, Pins, Tumblr, and Facebook to help spread the word!
Thanks for reading and Have a Blessed Day!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Handmade Bath Melt Sprinkles, and a Giveaway!

Handmade Bath Melt Sprinkles Coming Soon to my Shop, Plus a Giveaway!.

I just wanted to give everyone the great news! I'm super excited to be adding Handmade Bath Melt Sprinkles to my Shop. Yeahhhhhh. Can you tell I'm excited. LOL. 

   I Tried my hand at bath salts a couple of years ago, and I was disappointed with all the recipe's I tried. They all seemed to be either too dry, or didn't have the right smell, etc. So I gave up too soon. I decided Yesterday I would do some research with the help of Pinterest of course, and after hours of looking, I finally figured out the main ingredients and added some extra oils and extracts for the perfect mixture. 

   I wanted to tell you what scents I'm working on for my bath melts. I am going to start a line of bath melts, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, and maybe some more luxury bath products. By the way these are so much fun to make. My next post might just be a recipe. hmmmmm. 

Here is my list of Scents I'm starting with.

* Raspberry Lemonade

* Orange Cream

* Pink Grapefruit

* Strawberry Cream

* Vanilla Bean

* Banana Cream

* Peppermint 

* Cafe Caramel

* Root Beer Float

* Cherry Vanilla Pie

* Strawberry Cream Pie

*????????? Orange Raspberry???????????

Hey see all those Question Marks? Well I need your help My friend! I need a super cute name for the Orange Raspberry scent. I decided to do a giveaway! 

I will pick three winners, The name I use for my bath melt will be one that my readers who participate in the giveaway choose. 


 1st Place 

* A 25% off coupon to my shop Gypsy-Handmade.myshopify.com (can be used on anythingin the shop)

* A permanent Link to your website/shop/blog on my blog(choose one only)

* A free package of Bath Melts of your choice

* The name you suggested on My Orange Raspberry Bath Melts

* Special Mention on a blog post with a link to your blog/website/shop

2nd Place

* A 25% off Coupon to my shop Gypsy-Handmade.shopify.com

* A Permanent Link to your website/blog/shop on My blog(Choose one only)

* A special mention on a blog post with link to your shop/website/blog

3rd Place

* A 20% Off coupon to my shop Gypsy-Handmade.shopify.com  

* A special mention with links to your blog/website/shop on a blog post

Everyone who participates will get a coupon code for 15% Off of your entire purchase in my shop Gypsy-Handmade.shopify.com (Please do not share the coupon code with others. Thank you)

THE RULES( Please read all the rules before posting)

(You knew there was a catch right. LOL)

1. You can suggest up to five names. 

2. Comment with the name below this post (If you need help posting a comment email me gypsyjennhandmade@gmail.com)

3. Share this post to at least one of the following social media platforms (Please add a link to where you posted in your comment)
* Pinterest
* Instagram
* Google +
* Facebook
* Tumblr
* Twitter
4. Subscribe to this blog .

   That's it. Super simple right! I will announce the winners on 7-16-2016. Thats one month to get those names in. The deadline to enter is 7-14-2016. 

Have fun and I am so looking forward to hearing all of your suggestions.

Any questions you can email me at Gypsyjennhandmade@gmail.com (don't forget Jenn has 2 N's)

Have a wonderful Day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Wear Boho Jewelry

   What is Boho?

Boho or Bohemian style is hard to explain. It's flowing and free, represents free spirit and the wild side. Unconventional and non conformist. 

If this sounds like you keep reading to learn how to match your boho style outfits with unique jewelry to get that hippie bohemian look that's HOT right now!

While doing research for this blog post I realized there are a lot of Boho Style Guides for clothing, but not many for Jewelry.

So you have the perfect outfit all ready to go, for that beach party tonight but what about the Jewelry? What can you wear to accessorize that's bohemian  Well I'm here to help . Gypsy Jenn saves the day, La La La La. Okay sorry I got distracted. 

Let's start by looking at the simple boho outfit below. A flowing white skirt and a fringe top.

This outfit screams for accessories to make it extra special! So what about this bracelet
 There are not to many rules to follow for accessorizing in a bohemian fashion. But with my boho style I tend to match colors ,I could also add a white bracelet, some silver chain bracelets, silver rings, and such. 

The picture above shows layering, Bohemian style is all about the layers, There is no such thing as too much jewelry when it comes to boho style. 

When you layer your necklaces make them different in size so each one can be seen, and they are not all jumbled together at the same place on your neck. 

Colorful Jewelry!

Colorful jewelry like loom bracelets, and friendship bracelets are always a good idea. You could wear a outfit with lots of colors and stack every color of friendship bracelet in your outfit. 

Lace, Fringe, And Feathers

   Another great example of bohemian style jewelry is lace, tassels, fringe, and feathers. Any jewelry you find with these elements would be considered boho and adding them to your outfits will really turn heads. 

Beaded Bracelets

I don't know about you but I love beaded bracelets. I like unique beaded bracelets and without them my arm feels naked. Beaded bracelets in different colors are a great way to get that bohemian look. You can wear 10 bracelets with all the same size beads, or 10 bracelets with all different size beads, with boho more is better!

So now you have your outfit picked out, and you have all your bracelets ready to go. But how should you stack them? Which will go best beside which. how should your colors go. Well I've put together a Free Guide with super in depth content just for you! If you liked this post but need more guidance and information on accessorizing boho style sign up for my newsletter. It's full of useful information on boho fashion and style, as well as fashion tips and tricks. 

Get your Free Guide to Boho Friendship Bracelets Here!

Get your free Guide

If your looking for some bohemian style jewelry check out my website https://gypsy-handmade.myshopify.com/ 


Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome to the Grand Opening Celebration!

Welcome to the Grand Opening celebration!

                                            A little about me and my shop.

Gypsy Handmade is all about Unique handmade items, like jewelry, and hair accessories. On my blog you will find fashion tips and tricks, craft and jewelry projects, and links to great information and products that will help you create your own fashion style.
   If your like me you love DIY and Crafts. I am always in my craft room When I have some me time away from the kids, creating, planning, Adding new products to my shop, and Pinning, Ha Ha I am addicted to Pinterest! I love how I can take little odds and ends and create something beautiful and amazing! I will be sharing ideas on jewelry making and crafts with all my followers.

What's Happening this week for the grand opening!

This week I will be adding soooo many new products to my shop to get it up and running. I have some Things all ready to go if you want to check it out. I'm also going to be on Pinterest and Adding cool stuff to My Facebook page. 

So Now What?  

 Now that you know what Gypsy Handmade is about have a look around and don't forget to check out my Other blog posts , You can find them on the right side of the page under Blog Archive.

Click on the Link Icons,on the  right side bar to find me on your favorite social Media site!

Subscribe and/or follow me by email.

Check out my shop to see whats new 


I will be hosting a Facebook party in two weeks, More information on it will be coming this week on this blog so be sure to check back.

Thank you to everyone reading this, I am so excited your here and I hope you will join me on my other social media sites. 

Yours Truly, Gypsy Jenn